Porta Penguin

Fight crime as a flying penguin, and poop on your enemies to destroy them!

Have you ever been pooped on by a bird overhead? It's not a very pleasant experience. It always comes as a shock—suddenly, a whitish-brown missile splats somewhere on your body, followed by a faint "squish" sound. Worst of all, if you're accompanied by others, is the embarrassment.

Most people in the world don't deserve this terrible experience... but maybe some of them do. Wouldn't it be great to poop on Captain Hook, the man who loved terrorizing little kids? Or maybe Voldemort, that villain who ruined so many wizard's lives? Or perhaps even Jar Jar Binks, who didn't really do anything wrong, but is just really annoying?

Well, if pooping on these baddies sounds like a grand old time, this is the game for you.

Here are some facts about the game you might care about:
• Unlock up to 7 new characters by pooping on lots of people
• Unlock cool accessories by getting high scores
• There are no ads

A huge thanks to Matthew Edwards (@wampastompa) for the amazing music!

Lastly, check out the listing on GameKeys!

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